goal setting


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My mother recently shared with me some words of wisdom from my grandmother: “Let time work for you.”

In a sense, this relates to multi-tasking- doing the dishes while your filet mignon is cooking in the oven, doing your homework while your clothes are in the laundry. However, ultimately, this is a mindset for receiving what you want in life. Often when we project into the future and become excited about our goals, future fears can even come up, and living in the future leaves us disengaged and distracted from what matters right now. When you see what you want in the future and you are currently disengaged in the present, it’s almost like reaching for the gold when you’re still in phase one of preparing for the race. Basically, you’re the cat dangling the piece of cheese in your own face, running in circles. You can be the one keeping yourself in limbo- in dating, career, finances, etc.