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After a productive weekend balanced with spending time with friends, planning content, and finishing up some homework, I’m feeling energized and ready to conquer the week. Over time I have learned to accept and love where you currently are in your life, and not hold your stage in comparison to someone else’s. What I continue to see is that we all have lessons to teach each other regardless of age and experience, and it is important to be open to those lessons. I am also accepting that it is not realistic to be happy all of the time, and it’s okay to be a little bit discontent and restless if you’re not exactly where you want to be. It’s okay to have a new destination on the horizon and feel excited, anxious, and hopeful about what that experience brings. Thinking the grass is greener elsewhere is never “the right frame,” but following your intuition about what’s meant for you gives you the answers you need….

Now, let’s talk about this outfit…Β 

After searching for affordable boho-chic boutiques online, I discovered The Mint Julep Boutique and fell in love with their styles and prices. I purchased a few dresses there for spring, so I am excited to share these looks with you. I fell in love with this floral dress- it’s a unique piece for sure! I’m looking forward to wearing this dress in the new season.

Which online boho-chic/indie boutiques are you loving? Are you also brainstorming for your spring wardrobe? Let me know in the comments. πŸ™‚

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Image Credit: Lauren Louise PhotographyΒ 

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