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Hope your Sunday morning is off to a relaxing start. It is on my agenda to check out a new juice bar and then cozy up and complete some homework for my graduate program. This morning’s blog post is all about what I’m currently reading and books I think you may enjoy, as well.

In college, I majored in English, and after graduating I found myself enjoying reading for pleasure much more because finally I had the opportunity to choose books to read, instead of them being assigned. Growing up, reading was also a huge outlet for me. One of the books that literally came to life the most was “The Secret Garden.” I read it over and over again, listened to the book on tape several times, and watched the film. I totally feel as if I have walked into the book and lived with the characters. The book transported me into another world.

Now finishing my graduate degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, this semester, I am super-excited about the assigned reading. There are two books in particular you may be interested in if you’re interested in marketing or currently in the field. The first is “Creativity: The Psychology of Discovery and Invention,” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (which is a super-long last name). The second is “The Marketing Imagination,” by Theodore Levitt.

For pleasure, I just started reading “Capture Your Style,” by Aimee Song and “The Curated Closet,” by Anuschka Rees. “Capture Your Style” focuses on personal branding on social media and how to create high-quality images for Instagram. “The Curated Closet” is about expressing and refining your personal style. (This is also inspiring me to start spring cleaning a little bit earlier.) Both of these books are great if you’re a visual person and would like to read something that is informative and interesting to you, but not too text heavy.

I am also currently reading “Creative Visualization,” by Shakti Gawain, which emphasizes visualization of your ideal life in order for it to manifest into your reality. However, as a complete personal development book junkie, I felt I needed some lighter reading, so I am just getting into a health food cook book called, “One Pan, Two Plates,” by Carla Snyder. So, that’s what I’m currently reading.

Would love to hear any other suggestions you have for books to read. What are you currently reading?

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