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My mother recently shared with me some words of wisdom from my grandmother: “Let time work for you.”

In a sense, this relates to multi-tasking- doing the dishes while your filet mignon is cooking in the oven, doing your homework while your clothes are in the laundry. However, ultimately, this is a mindset for receiving what you want in life. Often when we project into the future and become excited about our goals, future fears can even come up, and living in the future leaves us disengaged and distracted from what matters right now. When you see what you want in the future and you are currently disengaged in the present, it’s almost like reaching for the gold when you’re still in phase one of preparing for the race. Basically, you’re the cat dangling the piece of cheese in your own face, running in circles. You can be the one keeping yourself in limbo- in dating, career, finances, etc.

In order to become engaged in the now, you need to distract yourself from long-term goals with short-term goals. With a long-term goal of weight-loss for instance, if you’re checking the scale every day, with hopes of a big change in a short amount of time, you’re the cat dangling the cheese in your face and running in circles. You’re making yourself crazy, with hopes of seeing major results that may not be sustainable or realistic on your ideal time clock. You need to distract yourself with other ways of being productive.

The same goes for having unrealistic expectations for short-term goals. If you’re goal is to be in a relationship in three weeks, and you’re not currently dating and have zero love interests, you’re going to make you’re going to make yourself feel highly-inadequate and less hot than you actually are in reality.

What I’ve recently realized is that setting intentions can be much more powerful than goal-setting. If you are setting intentions instead, you enable yourself to become more relaxed about your dreams coming to light. Setting intentions is a much more playful, creative mindset, sparking curiosity about the future. I believe in being the archer of your own destiny, but when this mindset turns into concrete timelines and builds up into stress, you know your approach is off. So, shifting your mindset is key. 

Personally, I believe vibes are powerful. When you get into behavioral patterns, you send out a signal that this is what you want. Sometimes what you want- the weight-loss goal, the soul mate relationship, the money in savings, the dream career, the freedom-based business- is totally meant to come to you. It’s meant FOR YOU. The thing is: you need to create behavioral patterns that reflect what you want and start expecting what you want to manifest. You need to believe losing the weight, the soul mate relationship, and dream career is meant for you, releasing the doubt and the fear. Set out the signals for what you would like. If you want guys to reach out first and pursue you, get off Bumble. Expect them to come to you instead of chasing guys. It’s an unhealthy pattern for a balanced relationship.

If you have a timeline for your goals and a HUGE goal is six months or more in the future, distract yourself with short-term goals that will make you feel better about yourself in the meantime. Make time work for you. Relax. Be proactive, but chill with it.

Does setting intentions work better for your than strategic goal-setting? Do you occasionally live in the future and become distracted from the present? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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