After receiving wonderful feedback about my previous “Currently Relishing” blog posts, I’m back here with another one for you today. Today, I’m sharing my current beauty favorites from the month of May with all of you. All of these products are “cruelty-free,” meaning they have not been tested on animals.

I’ve been doing my best to do research on brands before purchasing products to ensure that they not only have natural ingredients, but also have ethical manufacturing practices and have not been tested on animals. If you are familiar with the term “ethical shopping,” it means making an effort to purchase products from brands with ethical manufacturing + labor practices and natural + environmentally-friendly ingredients.

The average consumer does not usually have insight into this without a bit of research. In my case, when shopping for cosmetics, I started reading about brands online and simply asking sales associates in stores if products were tested on animals- so going cruelty-free is pretty easy… And as a huge animal-lover, it is worth it to me to make the effort in this small way to use cosmetics and beauty products that are not tested on animals.

Without further ado, here are my cruelty-free beauty favorites from the month of May… 

Lush Cosmetics

The Sacred Truth Anti-Aging Face Mask
Let the Good Times Roll Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

(I LOVE Lush, and their products have always worked like a charm for my skin. Both of these products have made my skin noticeably brighter after using them…) 

Bath and Body Works

Summer Collection
La Fleur Body Mist and Lotion

(This scent is so light and feminine, but definitely noticeable… You will smell shower-fresh and girly. It reminds me of Paris…) 


Coco-Rush Anti-Fatigue Face Mask
Berry Matcha Recharge Face Lotion
Glow Baby Salvation Walnut Scrub
Persian Rose Perfume


Natural Deodorant in Rose + Vanilla

(Found this at Urban Outfitters… Smells amazing!) 

Hoping this blog post was helpful and inspiring for you… Let me know what you think in the comments, and feel free to connect with me on Instagram if you have any questions!  xo- Julita Simone 


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