Personal Branding


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Personal branding is crucial in today’s word. If you want to follow your passions, create a meaningful career or any sort of impact in the public sphere, you need to become crystal-clear about your personal brand.

In order to obtain this clarity on your personal brand, you need to be established in who you are- your passions, interests, strengths, and the pathway you intend to take.

In my own process of combing all of my passions into a meaningful career and brand, I realized that personal branding is a super-fun opportunity- for self-reflection, making your mark on the world, and of course finding a job or creating a business you are excited about.

What I love about personal branding is that it gives you the opportunity to get in tune with your individuality and passions. You have something to offer that no one else does, and that’s why it’s fun. 

Here some tips to refine your personal brand:

If you’re interested in blogging or improving your writing, I think you’ll like learning about some of my strategies to get your creative juices flowing. While this blog has recently launched after switching platforms, I have actually been blogging for several years.

As a creative person, I tend to be slightly unconventional. Invention of new ideas was always something that came naturally to me- it felt easy and second nature. Still, I am not a perfect writer. But I have drafted several books over the past few years, written a screenplay I am now editing, poetry, song lyrics, and plenty of blog posts. After studying English and Journalism in college and grad school in addition to working as an editor, it’s safe to say I can give quality advice on this topic. 

Here are some unconventional strategies you can try to improve your writing: