Writing to you today from a Nashville coffee shop on my coffee shop hopping spree. Cheers to living on the edge, right? After talking to a lot of my friends one-on-one, and hearing their feelings about comparisons to others, I just wanted to shed some light on some ideas revolving around self-love and developing natural confidence. I previously wrote this blog post about ditching comparisons to others, and focusing on self-love and inner beauty- but it still rings true…

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Can anyone else believe it’s almost summer? I can’t believe June is creeping up so quickly… but I love summer and am so excited to be at the beach for some rest, relaxation, sun, and fun!

Thinking of finding  a few cute pieces for summer? Today, I’m looking forward to sharing some style inspo:  summer essentials for your boho-chic wardrobe…  You can click on the product images to shop the post! 


In order to achieve the boho style, ruffled shorts, interesting prints, and denim are the way to go… I personally prefer neutrals because they can be paired with different blouses. But printed shorts are in style this season, and they are definitely a statement-maker for a boho-chic gal!

Madewell: Kingston Cover-Up Shorts in Hula Flower

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I am grateful to partner with several other bloggers in this post to share a message that many women today need to hear.

You are worthy. You are enough. You have something unique to offer.

Particularly on social media, people are bombarded with beautiful images- Instagram models, bloggers, and the highlights of other people’s lives. While social media has grown into a highly-creative world and space for self-expression, personal branding, and staying in touch friends and family, it has a dark side. That is comparison. The idea that someone else is more beautiful, successful, talented, and has a better life- or something that you want.

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If you’re in need of a little confidence boost and reminder for self-love, I think you’ll love this blog post. Today, I’m sharing several realizations I’ve had on this topic and ways to show yourself appreciation and love. These suggestions are things that have worked for me and concepts that have shifted my perspective to feel more positively. If you’re interested in leveling up and shifting your mindset, please enjoy!

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This week, there are a few things that have been on my heart: Being unashamed of what you want, getting in tune with your desires, and knowing when it’s time to be bold.

Sometimes in life, you need to step up your game. You need to switch up the dynamics in your relationships and let people know you’re changing. You need to take a risk and try something that’s out of your comfort zone. You need to face the possibility of rejection from a person or opportunity. And just go with the flow and see what happens.

Assessing what you’re truly available for can be tough. Looking in the mirror can be scary. Clearing the blocks, kinks, and limiting beliefs is like an extra full-time job where you don’t get a break. Personal development takes work. We’re always changing. Always in transition.

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My mother recently shared with me some words of wisdom from my grandmother: “Let time work for you.”

In a sense, this relates to multi-tasking- doing the dishes while your filet mignon is cooking in the oven, doing your homework while your clothes are in the laundry. However, ultimately, this is a mindset for receiving what you want in life. Often when we project into the future and become excited about our goals, future fears can even come up, and living in the future leaves us disengaged and distracted from what matters right now. When you see what you want in the future and you are currently disengaged in the present, it’s almost like reaching for the gold when you’re still in phase one of preparing for the race. Basically, you’re the cat dangling the piece of cheese in your own face, running in circles. You can be the one keeping yourself in limbo- in dating, career, finances, etc.

If you’re overwhelmed with stress related to work, school, your personal life, and what is currently going on in the world, it’s easy to lose a sense of work-life balance and reach complete burn-out.  When you have a lot of thoughts, combined with planning for your future and additional responsibilities, you’re constantly jumping around in your mindset. Stress is created through wanting things to be different and anything that you haven’t completed, but it’s also created through being over-extended and planning wayyy too much. Planning for life experiences like marriage and making a particular salary at a certain age can create unnecessary stress. I’m all for being intentional, but timelines can leave you superrr unsatisfied with what is going on in the NOW.

Whether you are aware of it or not, it is possible that being exposed to fairy tales when you were a child is influencing your current relationships and dating life.

There are standards, and then there are expectations.

I met up with a friend this week and we tossed around ideas about the value of fairy tales. Are fairy tales something to aspire to? Are they something to fight for? Is it childish? One might wonder, when they are dissatisfied with their life if they have somehow failed, if a fairy tale is the comparison. Perhaps, it is just better to accept that most of life is mundane.

It may in fact appear that New Year’s Resolutions have become the most basic thing in all of the land. Why? There is goal setting, and then there is putting nice ideas on paper with no follow-through.

Still, I’m totally about to make a ton of New Year’s Resolutions. You know, the usual.

It was recently brought to my attention that there is an unhealthy aspect of expecting too much of yourself in a specific amount of time. There are some things you have no control over.