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Writing to you today from a Nashville coffee shop on my coffee shop hopping spree. Cheers to living on the edge, right? After talking to a lot of my friends one-on-one, and hearing their feelings about comparisons to others, I just wanted to shed some light on some ideas revolving around self-love and developing natural confidence. I previously wrote this blog post about ditching comparisons to others, and focusing on self-love and inner beauty- but it still rings true…

Style Inspo

Since it’s a rainy/overcast day in Nashville, today’s blog post fits the mood…. But hey, I’m all about mood lighting and am thinking of finding a lava lamp for my apartment. Don’t you just love style inspired from a French film- I mean why not? Coloring inside the lines is optional anyway…

If you had asked me to describe my personal style a few months ago, I would have not used the word “edgy.” While I still embrace boho-chic and indie style with romantic details, I’m no longer afraid of being edgy. My friends and I in Nashville have adopted a “Young, Wild, and Free” life motto… And so far… That has been life-changing and shifted my perspective so much… So, if you aren’t sure if you can be edgy with your style, go out of your comfort zone… If you’re thinking of changing yourself, don’t limit what you can become.

I found this romper at Dress Up Nashville, and  I am loving their boutique for finding affordable pieces within my budget. This outfit is so comfortable for a chill day hanging out, or for a night out with a friend, and is an easy transitional piece throughout the day….

Thought of the Day

“If you think you’re not edgy, you could be surprised.”

Image: Arika Stovall

Thanks for tuning in after a short lull on the blog… Surprise, I have since relocated to Nashville for a new adventure. If you’ve been following my blog, you may have noticed I was planning the big girl move for the past year- and cheers to new adventures. It feels amazing.

Style Inspo

This goddess-ey romper is from a boutique called Dress Up in Hillsboro village. After totally not understanding the romper craze, I’ve hopped on the bandwagon. Rompers are super practical, comfortable, and just a bit flirty- why not give it a try?

Stay tuned for more posts on the blog, focusing on fashion + lifestyle, inner beauty, and self-love. xoxo – Julita

Image: Arika Stovall

Romper: Dress Up Nashville

Geode Necklace: The Impeccable Pig

Feather Earrings: Downtown Cowgirl

Heels: Chinese Laundry

Happy Monday loves… And cheers to change and new adventures. 

Outfit details

I found this dress online at Lulu’s, and feel it is a great romantic piece for an outing at winery, wedding, or afternoon date when you want to do something a little bit “extra…” But not too “extra…” *wink, wink* I find that pink is a great color to wear if you would like to feel more in tune with your feminine self. How are you styling your outfits for summer outings?

Dress: Lulu’s   Booties: Altar’d State

Necklace: Etsy    Earrings: Francesca’s

Happy Monday folks… Hoping you found your Monday motivation to start the week strong…

Outfit details 

I’m totally in love with subtle lace details, and this dress is a great wardrobe staple for a night out. With these booties, I added a little boho-twist to this look. Lately, I’ve been keeping my jewelry simple with more delicate pendants and less statement pieces. How do you top off a look for a night out, while dressing it down a bit?

Dress: Altar’d State    Necklace: Etsy

Booties: Altar’d State

Today’s Style Inspo

There is nothing quite like a red dress to make a statement. I love this floral accented red BB Dakota dress from Her Boutique. I am so glad I found it. This look is awesome for a date night or outing with a friend, and it also great for every-day wear.

Dress// BB Dakota, Her Boutique   Booties// Altar’d State

Earrings// Francesca’s   Necklace// Etsy

Today’s Style Inspo

I love finding pieces with interesting and eclectic designs, and this navy dress from Altar’d State is both casual and classic for every-day wear. I’m also a big fan of finding unique and inexpensive jewelry on Etsy, and geode necklaces are super-popular right now and add a touch of boho flair to an outfit.  How are you accessorizing this season?

Dress// Altar’d State

Earrings// Francesca’s Pink Geode Necklace // Etsy (Similar) (Similar) 

Dress// Altar’d State Image// Lauren Louise Photography

Can anyone else believe it’s almost summer? I can’t believe June is creeping up so quickly… but I love summer and am so excited to be at the beach for some rest, relaxation, sun, and fun!

Thinking of finding  a few cute pieces for summer? Today, I’m looking forward to sharing some style inspo:  summer essentials for your boho-chic wardrobe…  You can click on the product images to shop the post! 


In order to achieve the boho style, ruffled shorts, interesting prints, and denim are the way to go… I personally prefer neutrals because they can be paired with different blouses. But printed shorts are in style this season, and they are definitely a statement-maker for a boho-chic gal!

Madewell: Kingston Cover-Up Shorts in Hula Flower

Does warm weather put anyone else in an AMAZING mood? As someone with a spring birthday, my attitude and mood always perks up around springtime, drawing closer to summer.

If you’re been following this blog for the past several months, you know that I have absolutely no shame whatsoever about wearing floral prints throughout the week. It makes me feel girly and feminine, and I can’t help but gravitate towards anything relating to flowers. Ladies, you don’t need a man to buy you flowers. Just keep buying them for yourself, and he’ll get the hint that you like it… *sea of hilarity*