Hello lovely reader. In the vein of winter skincare being on many of our minds, in addition to wrinkle and acne prevention, I thought I would share some of my favorite sweet, candy-like-smelling products from Lush. This is a brand I trust, as they use organic and cruelty-free ingredients, and their skin-care products have always worked for me. Most of the skin-care products I regular use at the moment are from Lush or brand called Andalou, which you can find at Whole Foods. (More beauty-related posts to come…)

Here are 5 Lush Products That Will Make You Smell Like Candy: 

Gorgeous Facial Moisturizer  

Don’t Look at Me Face Mask

Rose Jam Body Wash

Happy Hippy Body Wash

Rosy Cheeks Face Mask

Hoping this post was informational and fun for you. Let me know your favorite skin-care products from Lush in the comments. Do you prefer organic skin-care products? What benefits have they given you?

Image Credits to Lush Cosmetics. This was not a sponsored post. Opinions are my own. 



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