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If you’re a huge animal lover like me, you’ll definitely appreciate this blog post. I love my dog from the depths of my soul. We share an eternal bond and she is one of the most important people in my life. Yes, I used the word “people.” If you’re constantly thinking of ways to make your dog feel special, I’m right there with you. My dog is basically a pampered princess.

If your dog is one of your greatest comforts and friends, I’m sure you can relate to wanting to make them as happy as they make you. Below are a few more suggestions to add to your Valentine’s quality of life (because we’d be lying if they weren’t the definition of unconditional love this Valentine’s Day):

Here are 4 ways to give your dog the best life:

1) Constant positive expression of affection

One of the best ways to show affection and appreciation towards your dog is to use their name over and over again. Or, directly tell them how important they are to you through “cooing” and codling them. Animals love it. In a recent study, researchers found that “baby talk” is actually good for dogs.

With people, some of us don’t respond well to praise and constantly being told how special we are- it can definitely go to the head and inflate the ego. The truth is, a dog can go about their life believing they are royalty, and they’re not harming anyone. It actually enhances their quality of life.

2) Daily activity and exercise

Studies have shown that dogs cannot be alone for more than four hours because they have the mindset of a toddler and are in need of constant care and activity with their owners. Even adult dogs need a lot of attention and one-on-one time with their owners in order to successfully function. For those of us who work full-time, owning a dog is a time-commitment to consider. Can you leave work on your lunch break to let your dog out? Or do you have the ability to hire a dog-walker? Do you work too many hours to be able to spend quality time with your dog? Even if you don’t have time to walk your dog every day, make sure they have enough activity and time outside.

3) Surprises

Occasionally giving your dog a surprise in the form of a treat or special outing is a great relationship-building idea in order to create a deeper connection between you and your pet.

4) Focusing on self-esteem

All laughs aside, your dog needs self-esteem and a sense of value, too. When you see animals in shelters, you can sense the emotional burdens they carry from feeling unwanted or abandoned. If you are a pet owner, it is important to encourage your pet to feel positively about themselves. Your pet deserves to feel cherished by you.

Is your dog your Valentine this year? Are you going to treat your dog to a Valentine’s Day gift? Let me know how you are giving your dog the best life in the comments.

Image Credit: Amanda Ghobadi, Indie Moon Design 

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